PostPartum Doula & New Mom Groups

Looking to meet other moms and discuss all those baby related questions on your mind?

Build new friendships and find help and support in a non-judgmental, safe environment. Spend time with other mothers, sharing your stories and learning new techniques, like baby massage, from a professional. Mothers learn best from other mothers – this is how we have survived and thrived throughout history, and this is what our group will explore during our Motherhood Series. Join this support network and develop new friendships with other mothers that will likely flourish as your children grow up.

At the New Moms Group, we discuss…

A birth that may not have been what you expected.

Parenting styles and approaches.

Setting priorities and time management skills.

Body image work.

Caring for your baby.

Establishing eating and sleeping patterns.

Temperament and crying.

Breastfeeding support.

Changing relationships with family, friends, and your partner.

Client Praise

Kelly, your New Mommy Group was just what I needed. I immediately felt the warmth and comfort the first day I walked into the group. I was happy to have other new moms like me share experiences, challenges, concerns in a safe, comfortable environment. You’ve helped realized that we’re never alone with the challenges of becoming a new mother. Also, you’ve given me an introduction with other moms to develop friendships (something that I didn’t know where to start) Your unconditional support & guidance is absolutely amazing! Thank you.

It is so important to have women who understand your experience to come together with to share and grow and give mutual support. Kelly’s thought structure and warmth gave us the opportunity to form relationships that have outlived the length of the group.

I’m so thankful to have been part of the New Moms Group shortly after my daughter was born. It gave me a chance to connect with other moms going through the same life changes, which made a huge difference in how I coped with beginning a new life as a mom!

Extremely helpful! I loved meeting an intimate group of other new moms in the area. It felt great to be able to share my experience and hear similar stories from others. It gave me more confidence in being a first time mom and helped calm my emotions (from these crazy hormones after delivery!). I was abe to build friendships with moms around the same age as Rosie for the future!

This group has really helped me connect with other mothers in the neighborhood. It was nice to share and hear from others; helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in this. I’m rely glad that I joined this group! SO THANKFUL!