PostPartum Doula & New Mom Groups

Chriselle S.

Posted on December 7, 2016

Kelly runs local mom support groups in Forest Hills and reached out to me to see if I needed any support after I expressed interest in her classes. In our short phone conversation, I can sense she was truly interested in providing advice and a listening ear. She truly listened and let me know she was available for questions via text or phone call. As a first time mom with no real experience in child care- let alone newborn needs- I know I’d have a lot of questions so appreciated her offer. I decided then that I wanted to work with her.

Once Kelly started coming to work with my family, she helped coach me on “simple” things like diapering, proper bottle feeding and washing techniques but she also helped get me on a routine and made sure I was taking care of myself by getting the nutrition and showering as needed. I felt supported and taken care of in a time when you feel pressure to forget all about your own needs to care for your new baby. It felt good to be reminded that care for myself mattered too.

She was also a multi-tasker and helped greatly with laundry, meal prep and making sure our kitchen and nursery stayed organized. She helped me build a routine through watching her.

What sets Kelly apart is that she is clearly born to be a doula and be a calming force in the lives of new babies and new moms. She always had a natural way of determining what comfort my son needed and he loved having her around. I would recommend her to any family without hesitation.